L.A.W. Recovery Services offers impound recovery services and guarantees same day service on all impound services if we receive the request along with all needed paperwork before 1 PM. We recover and store the vehicle for the lien holder; storage for the first fifteen days is free of charge and included in the cost of the impound recovery. L.A.W. Recovery has offices in both San Diego and Los Angeles, allowing us to handle cases across the Southern California region and providing us with unique insights into the recovery business from two distinct areas of operation. We maintain a diverse staff of multilingual and experienced agents who provide outstanding customer service and manage each impound recovery from start to finish to ensure our clients are completely satisfied and that their collateral is returned to them safely and quickly.



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Misti - Qualified Manager
John - Quality Assurance Supervisor

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Los Angeles Auto Wholesaler and Recovery Service, Inc. is dedicated to revolutionizing the repossession industry from the initial contact and throughout the entire process. We take much pride in recovering your collateral safely, legally, and effectively.

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