At L.A.W. Recovery Services we offer expert repossession services to finance companies, banks and other lending institutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses the latest and most advanced technological methods to track down and recover collateral including the use of DRN cameras on our tow trucks that can spot license plates and help identify the target vehicles. We specialize in vehicle repossession and our agents are trained to avoid confrontations and practice conflict minimizing techniques, allowing our clients to avoid any unpleasantness and reducing negative reactions from the debtor as well. L.A.W. Recovery Services conducts skip tracing and handles each case professionally. We employ personnel who are fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese and a number of other languages in order to expedite the search process and ensure the best possible outcome in every case we take on. L.A.W Recovery is committed to providing the most reliable and dependable recovery services and doing so with honesty and integrity.