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At L.A.W. Recovery Services we offer expert repossession services to finance companies, banks and other lending institutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses the latest and most advanced technological methods to track down and recover collateral including the use of DRN cameras on our tow trucks that can spot license plates and help identify the target vehicles. We specialize in vehicle repossession and our agents are trained to avoid confrontations and practice conflict minimizing techniques, allowing our clients to avoid any unpleasantness and reducing negative reactions from the debtor as well. L.A.W. Recovery Services conducts skip tracing and handles each case professionally. We employ personnel who are fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese and a number of other languages in order to expedite the search process and ensure the best possible outcome in every case we take on. L.A.W Recovery is committed to providing the most reliable and dependable recovery services and doing so with honesty and integrity.

Voluntary Repossessions

In some cases, individuals may be willing to voluntarily surrender their vehicles or other collateral to the lending institution when their loans. At L.A.W. Recovery Services we handle these matters with courtesy and professionalism, ensuring that our clients are represented positively during these encounters with the public. Additionally, we retain employees on staff who are fluent in a wide range of languages to ensure clear communications during every phase of the recovery process. We go the extra mile to provide outstanding service and employ the most effective conflict resolution techniques to ensure that each transaction is managed smoothly and with minimal stress for all parties. The management and staff of L.A.W. Recovery Services are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive recovery services for our clients and to make the entire voluntary repossession process painless and convenient. With locations in Los Angeles and San Diego, L.A.W. Recovery Services serves a wide community of lenders throughout the Southern California area.


L.A.W. Recovery Services not only provides outstanding repossession services for lending institutions across Southern California, but can also deliver vehicles to the desired location or can store them for later pickup. The first fifteen days of vehicle storage are free, allowing ample time for the lien holder to collect the vehicle personally or arrange for its disposition in some other way. After fifteen days, we charge a small per-day fee to cover our expenses and encourage owners to collect their collateral promptly. This allows us to continue serving our clients efficiently and keeps our costs low. We maintain full liability insurance to ensure the safety of vehicles and protect ourselves and our clients against unexpected losses or liabilities. At L.A.W. Recovery Services, we not only provide exceptional recovery and repossession services, but we also provide our clients with something even more important; we offer peace of mind


L.A.W. Recovery Services offers impound recovery services and guarantees same day service on all impound services if we receive the request along with all needed paperwork before 1 PM. We recover and store the vehicle for the lien holder; storage for the first fifteen days is free of charge and included in the cost of the impound recovery. L.A.W. Recovery has offices in both San Diego and Los Angeles, allowing us to handle cases across the Southern California region and providing us with unique insights into the recovery business from two distinct areas of operation. We maintain a diverse staff of multilingual and experienced agents who provide outstanding customer service and manage each impound recovery from start to finish to ensure our clients are completely satisfied and that their collateral is returned to them safely and quickly.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is one of the most challenging parts of the collateral recovery business. At L.A.W. Recovery Services, we handle skip tracing as part of our regular services and include it at no additional charge when our clients request other recovery services. We use the most advanced techniques including the use of vehicle spotters and DRN cameras on our trucks. L.A.W. Recovery Services also maintains a diverse, multilingual staff that can conduct phone and field research to track down the correct address and locate the missing property. Once the collateral has been located, our agents will safely and effectively recover it and return it to our clients. The investigative process is just another part of the services we offer for lending institutions and finance companies throughout Southern California

Detailed Daily Updates Set Us Apart

At L.A.W. Recovery Services, we provide the highest quality recovery and repossession services in the Southern California area. We use the latest technologies and advanced conflict resolution methodology to ensure that each case is handled promptly and in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism. We provide detailed daily updates to our clients of our progress on each case. With forty-five agents in the field and ten professional skip tracers on staff in our offices, we can provide fast service and achieve results where others fail. L.A.W. Recovery Services employs the most diverse and knowledgeable staff in the business to ensure that we can get results. Our detailed daily updates on progress are just one more way we go above and beyond the ordinary to serve our clients better

Field Trips

L.A.W. Recovery Services maintains a staff of forty-five agents who work exclusively in the field tracking down and recovering collateral for our clients. Combined with the services of our experienced and talented skip tracers in the Los Angeles and San Diego offices, our field agents serve as spotters, vehicle transporters, impound recovery specialists and repossession professionals. Our extensive staff allows us to provide faster, more effective recovery services to our clients across Southern California and ensures that we deliver the best possible customer service at every step of the process. At L.A.W. Recovery, we go out into the field and use the most advanced techniques to ensure swift recovery of collateral for our clients in the lending industry.

Who We Are

At L.A.W. Recovery Services we provide exceptional recovery and repossession services to financial institutions. We put our expertise to work for our clients and handle:

  • Involuntary repossessions
  • Voluntary repossessions
  • Impound pickups
  • Storage for recovered vehicles

Additionally, we provide daily updates on our progress and offer full skip trace services to locate your collateral and recover it safely. Our agents are uniformed and trained to minimize the risk of confrontations, ensuring that your company’s property is recovered without unnecessary risks.

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